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Foresight - Near Bit Measurement

Foresight is our near bit measurement tool that provides inclination and gamma data closer to the bit than ever before. The module is located less than 0.5m above the motor allowing more precise directional calculations and greater sliding accuracy than with a standalone directional module. Foresight is compatible with most hanging MWD systems and does not require a separate battery.

A check shot with every survey just might be the Foresight you need!


  • Smoother well profile; saves drilling time and improves well bore, reduces hole drag and torque, less risk of stuck pipe and fewer problems with running casing and completions
  • Unlike bit box sensors, data is transmitted directly through the tool without using short hop communication or software correction algorithms, providing more reliable and effecient data transmission
  • Gamma sensor is extended at the motor allowing for quick detection of formations
  • Detailed build rates and dogleg measurements can be calculated from two inclination values at every survey station
  • Less time is spent sliding resulting in higher penetration rates

Foresight diagram



0° - 180°
0 - 1024 AAPI


+/- 0.10°
+/- 1 AAPI

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