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MWD Systems

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The most reliable and dependable MWD kits in the industry, our kits are stocked, organized and ready to go to the field.

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The Zone EM MWD System is a revolutionary approach for facilitating underground wireless telemetry.  Unlike conventional EM receivers, the Data Fusion receiver utilizes multiple input channels to fuse various input/receive sources into a single decodable message.

The positive mud pulse MWD system is a complete solution to transmit surveys, telemetry, gamma ray and vibration data to the surface in real-time using pressure signals in the wellbore. The bottom mounted tool is fully retrievable and has a modular design for easy transportation and assembly at the rig site.

Combining the latest in EM technology with the most durable and efficient design on the market, the BlackStar system provides a cost-effective solution for EM MWD applications. MWD systems transmit data measurements from the bottom of the hole back to the surface to allow the driller to control and monitor the location and orientation of the drill bit.

The Fixed Rotary Pulser is a top mounted system that is compatible with standard MWD equipment and provides a rugged alternative to conventional bottom mounted tools. High LCM (Loss Circulation Material) drilling conditions are not a problem for this sturdy, self cleaning system.

The Pilot MWD system is a positive pulse Measurement While Drilling tool utilizing a bottom mounted pulser system to transmit survey data to the surface. The competitively priced design allows for easy maintenance and incorporates power saving features to prolong battery life.