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BlackStar EM Kit

Combining the latest in EM technology with the most durable and efficient design on the market, the BlackStar system provides a cost-effective solution for EM MWD applications. MWD systems transmit data measurements from the bottom of the hole back to the surface to allow the driller to control and monitor the location and orientation of the drill bit.

Traditional mud pulse MWD systems transmit information to the surface via pressure pulses in the field column. EM systems send information to the surface through the earth’s crust utilizing low frequency electromagnetic waves. Information is received at a surface antenna, decoded and then processed by a computer and distributed to the driller’s readout display without the encumbrance of mud or wire transmission. The state-of-the-art BlackStar system sets the standard for downhole acquisition.


  • Configurable to meet local field conditions
  • Variable data transmission speeds
  • Separate steering, survey and rotation frames
  • Compact and battery powered
  • Electronic design eliminates mechanical parts
  • Does not require pump pressure or flow
  • Data output in industry standard Wellsite Information Transfer Standard (WITS)
  • Wireless rig floor display
  • Near bit inclination
  • Operate in a variety of drilling fluid conditions including: Aerated mud, high LCM, underbalanced



Dip Angle
Magnetic Field


0 - 180°
0 - 360°
0 - 360°
0 - 90°
0 - 100 µT
-35 - 200°C


± 0.2°
± 0.5°
± 1.5°
± 0.2°
± 0.075 µT
± 0.5°C

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