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Zone Direct is a safe place to work

At Zone Direct MWD we are committed to safety and understand the importance of a safe work environment for everyone involved.

Employees and contractors are required to take the new hire orientation, H2S, First Aid as well as the Petroleum Safety Training course before going out to the field. Computer and instructor based training as well as self-taught training classes ensure that learning is an ongoing process that continues with all employees and contractors.

We are continually improving our safety policies and procedures and are always encouraging our hands to be aware and implement corrective actions immediately as hazards are identified. With the latest in industry training and everything that we have learned from past experiences we educate our personnel to ensure that everyone returns home from the job safely.

We are SECOR certified and operate in good standing with ComplyWorks to ensure that our hands stay up to date with our client’s safety requirements.

ComplyWorks SECOR Certification