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Internal Components

Internal Components

Modify and enhance your fleet of MWD tools with our innovative component additions. We can build anything for your tools strings; Directional Modules, Pulser-Gamma Combination Modules, Batteries, Gamma Probes, Vibration Monitors.

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Extend the down-hole lifespan of tools and reduce vibration damage resulting in premature failures. The 3-axis Vibration Monitoring Tool (VMT) can accurately measure and record shock and vibration in the full range of dynamic motion. It can be easily installed in a pressure housing or integrated into another part of the tool such as a pulser driver or directional module.

The latest generation of our Linear Pulser Driver is built even tougher than before with improved power utilization and even more advanced features. It can operate most legacy pulser mechanical sections and many firmware parameters can be adjusted to ensure full compatibility with any pulser system.

Designed to replace legacy electronic flow switches or operate as a standalone module. It is fully compatible with Tensor and APS platforms and uses a 3-axis vibration sensor to accurately determine flow conditions.

Our new inter-module housing is short and comprised of one solid machined piece weighing only 1kg. Now only type 220 O-rings are needed to service the tool string which will significantly reduce shop service times.

Upgrade your legacy connections today!

Significantly shorten the length of your current MWD tool strings by up to 3m with the Universal Intermodule Connector.