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Linear Pulser Driver Interface Software

Linear Pulser Driver Interface Software

Zone Direct has developed an intuitive diagnostic software package for your pulser test bench. The application is an interface for technicians to connect to the driver, test pulser functionality and review down-hole operating details.

Our software allows technicians to keep track of pulser usage data such as:

  • Driver Release Date
  • Serial Number
  • Pumps “On” Time
  • Pulse Count
  • Pulse Error Count
  • Max Temperature
  • Last Service Date
  • Servicing Notes

Technicians can test and measure the connected servo motor calibration, position and steps it can also test our unique smart motor functionality.

With our software improving performance is easy! Shop technicians are able to adjust the advanced capabilities of our Universal Linear Pulser Driver.
Function test the on-board flow switch and ensure your accelerometers are working correctly.