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Tool Module Blankets

Need to keep your tool warm? We've got you covered with our military grade tool module blankets.

Our blankets are made here in Canada by the same manufacturers that make blankets for the Canadian Armed Forces so they are rugged and they will fit around a standard battery or pulser while its sitting on jack stands.

The blankets are made from fire retardant canvas with fire retardant insulation and they do not crack and break apart easily like some of the cheaper blankets available.  On the inside they have a self regulating heat trace so at 10°C they consume only 90W of power and if the temperature drops below 0°C they draw a maximum of 250W.  With an outside temperature of -30°C the tool would read 14°C which is enough to keep the pulser and batteries warm without the risk of heat issues or fire.

Our module blankets keep the tools warm, fit nice and snug to retain as much heat as possible and don't draw so much power that they blow the shack breakers.

Highly reccommended!

Blanket standard size is: 142cm (52") x 38cm (15")

Custom sizes are available!

Battery blanket

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