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Universal Linear Pulser Driver

The latest generation of our Linear Pulser Driver is built even tougher than before with improved power utilization and even more advanced features. It can operate most legacy pulser mechanical sections and many firmware parameters can be adjusted to ensure full compatibility with any pulser system.

The rugged chassis construction allows it to easily handle today’s harsh drilling environments. Advanced firmware features such as servo poppet recalibration and travel distance recovery can be enabled to prevent jamming down-hole and improve pulser survivability. Gamma sensors can be connected directly to the pulser driver and share a single pressure housing which eliminates a tool connection and a potential point of failure. A Vibration Monitoring Tool can be added to the chassis allow you to record down-hole shock and vibration data.

High temp display


  • Rugged and dependable field proven design, temperature rated up to 175°C
  • Advanced power optimization with an idle current draw of 7mA
  • Easy “plug and play” integration, attaches directly to existing pulser mechanical sections and responds to standard pulser logic signals making compatible with legacy tools
  • Attaches directly to most gamma sensor modules or many other third party devices in a single pressure barrel which shortens tool length and eliminates unnecessary connections
  • Smart-Z onboard memory and diagnostic recorder provides detailed logging capabilites such as power usage and pulse states
  • Digital/Analog controls and programmable operating parameters such as automatic servo poppet re-calibration and smart servo motor control features
  • Optional 3-axis shock and vibration monitor with over 600 hours down-hole logging memory and real-time data transmission capabilities
  • Compact 11.5" x 1.5" design

driver dimensions

Pulser Interface Software

Zone Direct has developed an intuitive diagnostic software package for your pulser test bench. The application is an interface for technicians to connect to the driver, test pulser functionality and review down-hole operating details.
Store Pulser Driver Details

Our software allows technicians to keep track of pulser usage data such as:

  • Driver Release Date
  • Serial Number
  • Pumps “On” Time
  • Pulse Count
  • Pulse Error Count
  • Max Temperature
  • Last Service Date
  • Servicing Notes
Adjustable Options Inspect servo poppet calibration and adjust settings to optimize performance with any pulser mechanical section
A "Smarter" Technician Technicians can enter servicing details directly to the driver memory and logs can be saved to a report for service records


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