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Vibration Monitoring Tool (VMT)

Extend the down-hole lifespan of tools and reduce vibration damage resulting in premature failures. The 3-axis Vibration Monitoring Tool (VMT) can accurately measure and record shock and vibration in the full range of dynamic motion. It can be easily installed in a pressure housing or integrated into another part of the tool such as a pulser driver or directional module.

Onboard memory stores high density readings for detailed post-well logs and real-time data can be transmitted to the surface using generic variables. Optional display software can be installed on most MWD surface systems and configured to alert operators of dangerous drilling conditions. Telemetry can be configured to display exact shock and vibration values or just severity flags with adjustable thresholds. Changes can then be made to optimize drilling parameters before severe damage occurs to the MWD tool or Bottom Hole Assembly.

High temp display


  • 3-axis accelerometer with +/- 100g range
  • Sampling rates up to 660Hz and vibration frequency response from 2Hz to 80Hz
  • Configurable Shock Averaging Period and Maximum Shock thresholds
  • Over 600 hours of logging memory depending on the configured averaging period
  • Internal memory clock is synchronized with the Q-Bus so log data always matches the set tool time
  • High operating temperature (175 ºC) and pressure (20,000 psi)
  • Increase efficiency through optimization of drilling parameters maximizing energy transfer to the bit
  • Helps reduce BHA and MWD tool failures

VMT Software

Real-Time Display

Real-Time Display

The Vibration Monitoring Tool (VMT) display is designed to be unobtrusive and fit seamlessly into your existing MWD surface system. It is a graphical representation of the shock and vibration that is being measured down-hole. Data is transmitted to the surface in real-time using one or two configurable generic variables which can be placed anywhere in the tool telemetry sequence.

Reports and Logging

Reports and Logging

Real-time shock and vibration data can be easily recalled using the surface display software. A complete log of all the decoded VMT data can be viewed anytime.

Control Panel Interface

VMT Control Panel

Shop technicians and field operators alike will find the control panel useful and easy to use. Any user can view run hours, lifetime operating temperatures and remaining memory capacity at a glance. Memory logs can be downloaded and saved to a .CSV file for analysis.

Shop technicians can adjust operating parameters such as averaging period and shock thresholds as well as enter detailed module service information and clear the memory after the module returns from the field.

Post-Well Logs

Post-Well Logs

A detailed log can be generated from the VMT data after the tool has returned to the surface. Specific causes of shock and vibration can be found by evaluating VMT and drilling data. Adjustments to the BHA can be made to reducing vibration and optimize drilling performance.

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