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Positive Pulse Kit

The positive mud pulse MWD system is a complete solution to transmit surveys, telemetry, gamma ray and vibration data to the surface in real-time using pressure signals in the wellbore. The bottom mounted tool is fully retrievable and has a modular design for easy transportation and assembly at the rig site.

Adjustable module layouts allow for alternative sensor positions and ensure operational flexibility. Operators can customize the tool configuration and down-linking allows for adjustable logging sequences. Precision trimmed centralizers ensure the tool stays in place while drilling and shock mitigation technology absorbs vibration, decreases wear and improves overall MTBF. A reliable and robust MWD system for today’s aggressive drilling conditions.

High temp display


  • Rugged down-hole directional modules; down-linking capabilities with variable survey and telemetry sequences
  • Eliminate interconnects while maintaining full compatibility by using our Universal Intermodule Connector (Stubby) or Deutsch Ratcheting Military Connector
  • Wireline retrievable and re-insertable design (minimum 2.25” I.D.)
  • Motor driven pulser with anti-plugging technology, excellent performance in LCM and high solid environments
  • Industry standard gamma probes and logging software
  • Simple operation using a wide range of flow rates and rotary speeds
  • On-board rotary sensor enables alternative telemetry sequences and faster LWD data rates while rotating
  • 400+ downhole hours on one battery
  • High operating temperature (175 ºC) and pressure (20,000 psi)

Positive Pulse Diagram


Dip Angle
Magnetic Field


0 - 180°
0 - 360°
0 - 360°
0 - 90°
0 - 100 µT
-35 - 200°C


± 0.1°
± 0.25°
± 0.5°
± 0.15°
± 0.075 µT
± 0.5°C
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