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HDR MWD System

Tired of losing MWD signal? Want to stay in the hole?

Improve performance and drill longer without tripping for the MWD with the power of multiple telemetry systems.

Introducing HDR, a new generation of MWD tools intended to keep you on bottom drilling for as long as possible. The system combines EM and Mud Pulse technology to ensure that wellbore telemetry is delivered to the surface in nearly any drilling environment.

The tool is fully adjustable for any drilling application and can be assembled as a standalone Mud Pulse tool, EM tool, or a combination of both. Each telemetry system can be active at the same time which gives you the benefit of load sharing logging data and there are no delays when switching between EM and Mud Pulse.

The EM transmitter is capable of operating at higher speeds and at greater depths than legacy EM MWD systems and a robust receiver contains advanced decoding innovations to handle logging through even the most challenging formations. Two-way communication allows operators to adjust parameters of the down-hole tool on the fly and the EM transmitter can be placed in idle mode to save power.

The standard bottom mounted tool string is fully retrievable but a non-retrievable, top mounted assembly is optionally available. Additional logging sensors such as shock, vibration, continuous inclination and pressure are also available to extend the capabilities of this powerful platform.

The HDR MWD system is cost-effective, reliable and has the best overall performance on the market, period.

Standard Features

  • Rugged and reliable, capable of operating in high pressure (20,000psi) and high temperature (150 ºC) conditions.
  • Fully retrievable, the entire tool can be mounted into a standard non-magnetic drill collar for easy installation. Bottom mounted in UBHO is standard,  collar mounted hanging options are also available.
  • Multiple battery assembly capable for extended down-hole operations.  The system uses standard 28V moderate and high rate battery stacks so replacement parts are easily obtained.
  • Two-way EM communication gives operators full control of the down-hole tool.
  • Optionally configure the mud pulse and EM transmitters to split the telemetry workload, using different sequences in each tool, increasing data resolution.

Here is why the HDR system is the best MWD tool on the market

  • Intelligent Channel Coding Technology

    Intelligent Channel Coding Technology

    ICC technology uses proprietary “noisy channel” encoding algorithms to encode uplink packets. Using ICC increases the aggregate receive sensitivity of the surface receiver allowing for increased operational depths using much smaller received signals. ICC also provides “on the fly” adjustment of the EM uplink signal to maximize channel throughput and avoid ambient noise sources.
  • High Performance Multi-mode Surface Receiver

    High Performance Multi-mode Surface Receiver

    The Multi-Mode Surface Receiver (MMSR) is a “modally agile” receiver which automatically adjusts to the ICC content sent from the down-hole tool. The MMSR allows the tool to autonomously make adjustments to the ICC channel content without operator intervention or the need for a reverse communications channel. This gives the surface receiver greater noise immunity than conventional single-mode EM receivers which translates into better performance in unfavorable EM formations.
  • Two-Way Communication

    Two-Way Communication

    The two-way EM Communications Link allows tool parameters to be altered during pumps-off to accommodate for changing down-hole conditions without tripping to reprogram. Down-link to reconfigure the EM tool or to query and receive detailed diagnostics, asynchronous data and missed surveys.
  • Advanced EM Control Module

    Advanced EM Control Module

    The next generation EM transmitter used in the HDR tool allows you the flexibility and control to maximize operational the capabilities of the system. Plug and Play compatibility with standard orientation sensors and gamma modules. High Performance 32-bit RISC processor to facilitate Intelligent Channel Coding EM algorithms. High Efficiency adaptive-output power amplifier that saves battery power by adjusting to changing formation lithology.
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