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Fixed Rotary Pulser Kit

The Fixed Rotary Pulser is a top mounted system that is compatible with standard MWD equipment and provides a rugged alternative to conventional bottom mounted tools. High LCM (Loss Circulation Material) drilling conditions are not a problem for this sturdy, self cleaning system.

It is an electrically controlled positive pulse system that is driven directly instead of using a pilot valve. Rotating plates restrict the flow through an orifice, creating pressure pulses that travel up the wellbore. The rotating plates are self cleaning through an open flow path which is less prone to clogging making it ideal for harsh, high LCM (Loss Circulation Material) drilling conditions.

The top mounted design allows for additional sensors to be installed closer to the motor and it can easily combine with most Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS) to deliver tool health status updates and wellbore information.


  • Pulser is compatible with most Tensor based tool modules
  • Rugged design is able to better withstand downhole vibration and agitation
  • Gamma is closer to the bit (above motor dump sub)
  • Pulses through LCM 50lbs/bbl range
  • Wide range of flow rates and rotary speeds
  • Pulser is compatible with most Tensor based tool modules
  • Unique down-linking capabilities extending the range of operation without having to trip out of the hole
  • High operating temperature (175ºc) and pressure (20,000 psi)

Top Mounted Tool


Dip Angle
Magnetic Field


0 - 180°
0 - 360°
0 - 360°
0 - 90°
0 - 100 µT
-35 - 200°C


± 0.1°
± 0.25°
± 0.5°
± 0.15°
± 0.075 µT
± 0.5°C

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