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Zone EM Kit

The Zone EM MWD System is a revolutionary approach for facilitating underground wireless telemetry.  Unlike conventional EM receivers, the Data Fusion receiver utilizes multiple input channels to fuse various input/receive sources into a single decodable message.

This enhances the receiver’s ability to detect very weak signals through large amounts of noise. Every element of the system design has been optimized to extend operational health and improve noise immunity.

The down-hole system includes a rugged tool assembly consisting of a gap-sub antenna package, an electronics assembly, a gamma assembly and battery package. The surface system includes a power amplifier to provide two-way communication with the down-hole tool.

This tool is fully retrievable and is based on conventional OEM architecture enabling customers to utilize standard BHA components and common Tensor parts across their tool fleet.


  • Utilizes “Data Fusion” telemetry, advanced noise cancellation and filtration technology
  • Specifically engineered internal and external dual gaps for optimal signal quality
  • Fully retrievable and reseatable
  • Acquire and decode data from both electrical and magnetic sources
  • High operating temperature (150 ºC) and pressure (20,000 psi)
  • Downlink capability allows bidirectional communication with down-hole tool

Sharewell diagram


Dip Angle
Magnetic Field


0 - 180°
0 - 360°
0 - 360°
0 - 90°
0 - 100 µT
-35 - 200°C


± 0.1°
± 0.25°
± 0.5°
± 1.0°
± 0.003 µT
± 0.5°C